Monday, 24 June 2019

Credit Card Dispute Process – A 3-Minute Guide

Credit cards offer one of the most convenient ways to make purchases in-person or online. 바카라 돈 따는 법 Not only do they offer an interest-free loan provided you pay your bill in full each month, but most credit cards offer zero fraud liability that protects you from hackers and thieves. When you have your own credit card, you also get the benefit of never having to carry around a wad of cash.

Like anything else in life, however, credit cards aren’t perfect. You may find your credit card has been charged the wrong amount for a purchase you made, for example. Or, perhaps you were charged for a service you didn’t receive — or for a service that wasn’t delivered as promised.

In the case of a billing error, you will need to dispute the charges made to your credit card. 바카라 동호회 This three-minute guide will explain the exact steps to dispute an incorrect or fraudulent credit card charge so you can move on with your life.

Why Would You Dispute a Charge?
When it comes to the reasons you can and should dispute a charge on your credit card, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) notes that it’s fairly easy to get incorrect charges fixed thanks to protections included in the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA).

The FCBA was created to provide a framework for consumers who use a credit card, store card, and other revolving credit accounts to protect themselves. However, the FCBA settlement procedures only apply to “billing errors,” notes the FTC.

Per the FTC and the FCBA, charges that count as billing errors can include:

  • Fraudulent purchases made with your credit card
  • Mathematical errors
  • Charges made in the wrong amount or on the wrong date
  • Charges for goods and services you never accepted
  • Charges for goods and services that were not delivered as agreed
  • Credits or return credits never posted
  • Failure to send your credit card bill to your current address provided your creditor is made aware of your new address in writing at least 20 days before your last billing period ends
  • Charges where you asked for a written explanation or proof of purchase “along with a claimed error or request for clarification”

While there are many examples of billing errors, 바카라 룰 the underlying theme is that something about the charge is incorrect. In any case, where this happens, you should take steps to dispute the charge so you aren’t stuck paying or overpaying for items or services you didn’t receive.